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01/06/2015 09:00

We are excited to announce the release of Oracle's new four-socket x86 server, Oracle Server X5-4, based on Intel’s Haswell-EX processors. Designed with Oracle operating systems, Oracle virtualization, and Oracle Database in mind, this is the most powerful four-socket x86 server Oracle have ever built.

01/06/2015 09:00 by Carolyne Jones

04/12/2014 09:00

A little behind everyone else, ‘Big Red’ have released their Haswell based Intel X86 machines, with a few technical advantages over other Vendors. Early December saw the new X5 Oracle machines available for delivery. Featuring Intel E5-2600 v3 chips and NVMe SSDs for up to 6.4TB of high-bandwidth flash storage.

04/12/2014 09:00 by Adam Lister

01/09/2014 09:00

Intel have released their latest update to their Xeon E5 line up, in the form of Haswell. Offering up to 18 cores, this is most exciting release by Intel in a long while. Frequency scaling, as seen before, is still in place; as is DDR4 architecture and cache monitoring.

01/09/2014 09:00 by Carolyne Jones

18/08/2014 09:00

As part of the annual 'Hot Chips' convention, Oracle have released a couple of details about the hot-ly anticipated M7 incarnation of the SPARC CPU line up. Featuring 8 core clusters, and a total of 32 cores per socket the SPARC M7 has 10 Billion, yes BILLION transistors on one chip.

18/08/2014 09:00 by Adam Lister

08/08/2014 09:00

Violin Memory have unveiled a new 'mid-range' all flash array - the 6100. Aimed at small to mid-size enterprise that require highly performant storage, but not the kind of size usually attributed to Violin.

08/08/2014 09:00 by Adam Lister

08/04/2014 10:00

Today, Oracle released details of their replacement for the X2-4, the X4-4. Featuring 4 of Intels E7-8895 v2 Ivy Bridge-EX processors, and up to 3 TB of main memory. The new X4-4 boasts 50% more cores, and 50% more memory slots.

08/04/2014 10:00 by Carolyne Jones

06/03/2014 13:30

Fujitsu have released two E5-2400 v2 based servers, the first of their new naming structure. Based on Intel's 22nm technology, these new boxes are Ivy Bridge-EN based with up to 10 cores and lower power draw than the E5-2600 series.

06/03/2014 13:30 by Carolyne Jones

18/02/2014 11:30

Intel have released the long awaited Ivy Bridge EX 'E7 v2' line of server CPUs. Hot on the heels of this, Dell, HP and IBM have released their E7 v2 range of servers. Allowing up to 6TB of main system memory, and up to 15 cores per socket, the E7 v2 delivers faster IO - and increases the amount of data that you can keep hot.

18/02/2014 11:30 by Carolyne Jones

21/01/2014 08:30

The Violin Memory 200 Series is a 12TB to 64TB Flash storage solution that can transform the performance of your trading and back-office systems. Results speak for themselves, so if your traders or strategists complain about poor system performance, take Violin Memory Flash storage for a test drive. Our team will deliver and install the Flash array at no cost to you.

21/01/2014 08:30 by Carolyne Jones

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